Catch Me Cop

This is a Game App available on iPhone & iPad.  This is an interesting game. A con escapes prison there is a nation wide hunt for the Con. The Con has to run through Desert, Beach & a Maze to escape the Cop. There are multiple level of this app, with varying speed & cops.

Alphabets Board

This is a Game App available on iPhone , iPad & Android .  This App is for learning alphabets, a fun way of learning for Kids. Alphabets are shown on the board. Kids can go back and forth, learn and master. Alphabets are taught with a picture for easy understanding. 

Prayer  Planet

This app is for praying God when on the move, this app has 4 different religious symbols  that of Hinduism, Christianity, Muslim & Buddhism. When selected it plays religious song with pictures of that religion.This app is available for iPad , iPhone and Android Devices

Color Pallette

This app is for kids to learn the Colors.This is an app for iPad and iPhone. Kids Can go back and forth and learn their colors and finally master them.  Color are taught with their spelling's too.

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